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'So Hollywood' by Kendra & the Bunnies

'So Hollywood' is the bold new single from singer-songwriter Kendra & the Bunnies.

'So Hollywood' is the brand new single from singer/songwriter Kendra Muecke also known as Kendra and the Bunnies. This is the first single from Muecke's new album that is set to be released later this month. 'So Hollywood' combines punchy strong lead vocals with an energetic backing instrumental that elevates the powerful presence in the lyricism. One notable feature is the percussion and distorted guitar bringing a rock and roll sound that makes its presence known from the beginning to end. The lyricism is direct and bold and complements the backing instrumental with the vocals soaring in the main chorus. If you're looking for a great power anthem then I would highly recommend checking this out! Hear 'So Hollywood' in the link above or on my Spotify reviews playlist (link in bio).

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